Women of Praise Words


WORD OF THE LORD – WOMEN OF PRAISE - Thursday, November 7, 2013

This Word came after the “choir” was really struggling and we gathered together to pray “it” off.  We just simply confessed our sins, opened our hearts to Him and were ready to receive whatever He had for us.  We declared the enemy gone and went into a time of prayer.

Doris brought a Word in tongues - Debbie A.  interpreted

“I am the tree and you are my branches …. (not recorded)”

 The following is a summary of what the Lord spoke through Karen in further interpretation:

“You come before Me today with tender hearts and I hold your hearts together in my hands.  You are a sweet aroma to my nostrils. 

There are many saplings that I will bring to you, for I have chosen you for this time, in this place, for this season.  I give you My eyes and ears; as you walk with Me, you will be My feet; your hands will do My work.  Seek Me as I bring these people to your feet.  I will work through you and as you bow down before Me, I will ignite you to.  Through you, I will lift each one into a place of hope as you become oaks of righteousness.  As oaks of righteousness you will lead the way to salvation.

Your circle will not be broken.  Clearly, clearly your circle will not be broken.  For in this circle there is much love. 

I will grant the desires that I have placed in your hearts.  Your worship to me is a sweet sound and a sweet aroma; it exalts those who hear it. Over time your worship will become louder as I add many, many, voices.

We all bowed down before Him and he offered us the responsibility of being Oaks of Righteousness for His Kingdom.  Karen anointed each person and they stepped forward if they accepted this responsibility. 

Then, in our circle Karen asked if there was anyone who had not accepted Christ into their hearts to do so now.  The entire team repented of their sins, committed OR recommitted their lives to Jesus.  Two salvations resulted.


Saturday, February 8, 2014 -
6:14 PM

Jaimie saw a white tower (skyscraper height) that was being built up.igher and higher. The tower is us. The tower was being shown as a reflection in an eye. The tower is being built on His foundation.

Karen saw us as a group in an alleyway in a city. Someone at the front was peeking around the side of the building and they waved everyone on. We ended up at a store window looking in and there were gold bars being made (not a candy store!)


Wednesday, February 19, 2014 - 2:38 PM - Karen tongues

Debbie - "Don't worry child there is light at the end of the tunnel and I am the light."

Jaimie - "rest in me children, rest in me. Let your voices sing out loudly and softly. Let your voice sing out and watch my Holy Spirit pour out."

Karen - your prince is offering you today a glass slipper - will you step into it?

Doris - "….. By My spirit you shall go forth through this land, says the Lord, and yea barriers will be broken down; hearts will be brought together, says the Lord. And yea in these last days I am doing a new work and, yea, I am doing a new work in each one of you, says the Lord. But go forth in My name for yea, says the Lord, it is I Jehovah that is with you. Yea, says the Lord, I will be with you and again I say whatsoever I sayeth unto you , do it."

Karen - "You have loved Me. You have sought after Me. You have worshipped and praised Me as part of this group and I have brought you thus far; and I am well pleased. Remain humble before Me as I put a new song on your lips and on your hearts and on the ears of those who come to hear.

I ask you today to be obedient; I ask you today to be obedient to My word, for I have great plans for you. I have plans for you in your community - in the community of My Kingdom.

Karen - the Lord showed two pictures and we have a choice between the two. The first picture we can choose is to be the water that rushes back and forth onto the beach; rushes up and goes back. Or, we can choose to be humble and we can choose to sit in Cinderella's coach. We can choose to accept the glass slipper that He has offered tonus. When we choose the slipper we make a commitment to Him to work on righteousness; not to keep washing in and running out - making no advances - just looking pretty - just being there - having nice sounding voices. Or, we can completely surrender it all to Him and step into that glass slipper today. He is still going to continue to give us songs because that is His heart for us - we will still have an impact on His community but we will have a greater impact if we surrender to Him.

Jaimie tongue

Doris - "I would say to you today, step into the river. Do not hold back, says the Lord, for I have given gifts to each one of you. Do not hold back, for whatsoever I sayeth unto you, do it. Do not be afraid for I am with you says the Lord, do not be afraid."


Thursday, February 20, 2014 - 5:18 PM


"The waves are changing."


The tide is coming in, the bottom will be revealed as the surface. Do not pollute your surface.


Ankle Bracelets - showers of blessing coming your way. You need not doubt for I will surely do this. I know your needs and I will not forsake you in this. Trust me, hold on to my promises in this. Surely I will do what I have said I will do.

Jaimie - saw Kim as a diamond, large, with light coming from it (like beams). (see P4H re table & diamond)


March 12th, 2015 –Women of Praise

You may feel like a speck of dust in this world, but I see you and I lift you up in my feathers, where you are safe from things of this world. Just keep looking up towards me. I will keep you safe. Says the Lord.
Turn on your wipers like in your car and let you see clearly in the storm. Your wipers are prayers to me, always turn your wipers on. I will let you see clear in the storm. Says the Lord.

Tongues Spoken by Doris - Translated by Karen

My children, you have honoured Me today. You have honoured Me with your worship. You have bowed before Me in love, your hearts are full of love and it honours Me today, that you would come before Me, that you would set all of your things aside, that you would kneel before Me. Lift your voices to Me. Life your hearts to Me, I am honoured today. Says the Lord.

Woman of Praise - March 26th, 2015

Karen: Shout it from the mountain tops, Jesus Christ is Lord to all those believers out there lost, looking, searching, Jesus Christ is Lord! Shout it from the Mountain tops, the Lord is coming, the lord is coming, the angel armies, the angel armies, the angel armies. Jesus Christ is Lord! Be prepared, be prepared, fore I am your God. Be prepared, sayeth the Lord.

Doris: I would say unto you my daughters, that I will speak to you in those quiet times, I will speak to you in the marketplaces, and nay, I will have you to bare my image to the world. For many are seeking, many who are lost, and I will say to thee today, have an answer within thine heart. Be ready sayeth the Lord, to give an answer for what you believe in, sayeth the Lord.

Jamie: As you seek my presence, I also seek. I seek your presence. I also seek the ones who do not know me, so go, go, and bring them to me. Meet me at the well of the living waters. All those who thirst I say, come, come, come. Come unto me. I thirst, I thirst, to touch my people, I thirst for communion with my people. Bring them to the well, bring them to the well.

Karen: Blow my horn, blow my horn, the time is now, the time is ready. Blow my horn.

Karen: There's a mighty river upon the horizon, and it is flowing, and it is flowing and flowing. It is flowing deeper, it is flowing wider. Be prepared, shout it from the mountain tops, shout is from the mountain tops, Jesus Christ is Lord.

Ephesians 3:6-10 14-21