Congrats Cards - Kindness


If you have received one of these cards and want ideas of how to pay it forward, see below or come up with your own:

1) You could buy the coffee for the people, in the car behind you, in the lineup at the coffee shop.

2) You could help carry someone's groceries to their car. 

3) You could pay for someone's purchases at the fast check-out line, at the grocery store.

4) You could pay for someone's meal, at the next table, at a restaurant.

5) You could send a "Thinking of You" card to someone.

6) You could mow someone's lawn.

7) You could shovel someone's snow.

8) You could send someone flowers.

And many more... they are endless!

Contact us with your ideas, and we will add them to this list.

And don't forget...when you do your act of kindness...give them the "Congrats" card, so they can pass it on.

Contact us, or come by the church to get more "Congrats" never may just like passing all this kindness and love around, and want to do it over and over again! 🙂

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