THE MOVE to our new building

via Karen Tomassetti – February 13, 2012

I will break these four walls with a mighty force.  My people will flood the town.  Then they will flow softly over the rocks of a brook and bring soothing comfort to my people.

WORD - FEBRUARY 25th, 2013

Look and see, says the Lord.  I am bringing into existence the things I have promised.  You have been brought to the realization of My power working in your lives, says the Lord; in My ways.

I will bring those things that you have not seen, before your eyes; the things I have spoken.  Be not lacking in understanding, but understand from whence they come from, says the Lord.

The land is before you.  The time is now.  I will lead you, I will bring you through to that place; your possession of all that I desire in you, says the Lord.

Keep your eyes upon Me, look not at the things that have tried to hinder you, that have tried to distract you, for they will be no more, says the Lord.  Keep your eye straight forward, look, look into your understanding and you will see My working.  I am moving, I am stirring, I am pouring out that which I have promised.

Be not moved by what is going on around you in the natural eye, but look at Me.  I am with you, and I will keep you.  I will lead you to all I have spoken.  I will bring you to that place in such a way that you will wonder and say, “how did I get here so quickly?”; looking back and coming to the realization in your hearts that it was by My power, by My spirit that has brought you through to the land I have prepared before you, says the Lord.

(I also saw The Lord, and he was waving to us with one hand and saying, “this is the way, walk ye in it.”)

Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready  via Cindy Kitchener – March 30, 2014

A time is coming sooner then you think...

a time of a great outpouring of my Spirit.

It will be a time that you have never seen before, and you will never see again.

Get ready, get ready, get ready!

I long for those who don't know me to k n o w me.

I want to use you.

Get ready, get ready, get ready!

The great out pouring of my Spirit will change lives.

Many, many, many will come.

Get ready, get ready, get ready!

My Spirit will be poured out like honey, thick.  It will go into every crack and crevasse. Every hidden place.

Those who don't know me will run into me and get saved.

I want to use you.

Get ready, get ready, get ready!

It will be a time that you have never seen, and will never see again.

People will be coming in by the d r o v e s.

Get ready, get ready, get ready!

I long for those who don't know me to k n o w me.

Those who don't know me will run into me and get saved.

More Revelation - via Tony Tomassetti – March 31, 2014

Pastor Phil I am sending this e-mail so you may see something here.  Pastor Phil, The Lord has been giving me more revelation to the vision I was put into where you were putting up a tent.  As part of the revelation The Lord has been giving me to see is this, when I saw the vision he pointed out to me that there were twelve tent pegs.  Each tent peg was connected to a line which was connected to the tent.  There were four tent pegs which were at each corner of the tent, on each side of the tent there were three on one side, and three on the other side of the tent.  At the back of the tent there was a line that stretched from the tent to the tent peg.  Then there was one line in front of the tent that had a tent peg in it, but you were pulling on that one.  That line was longer than the rest of the lines.

The understanding that was given to me was this,

The Lord is the tent, and each line is connected to him,

At the ends of each line there was a tent peg which represents a ministry that you have been given authority over by The Lord.

And the line and the tent peg that you have in your hand is the longest line, which means it is more far reaching than the rest, the reason you saw the dip in the top of the tent is this, The Lord has gotten your focus, your attention on him.  And what he has placed in your hand will become more far reaching than the rest of the tent pegs.  But the other tent pegs are just as important as the one more far reaching, they are all connected to the same power, which is Jesus Christ.

The four tent pegs that are at the four corners of the tent were four foundational ministries.  As to what ones they are, you would know.

The reason you are pulling on the longest line now is because this is the one that you are learning will circle the earth and when it is finished The Lord will place the tent peg wherever He desires.  This tent peg will touch in places and then move on to the next, in other words, The Lord will place the peg, it will accomplish His will there and then move on to the next place and accomplish His will there.  There will be no end, because it is eternal and just keeps going and going and going, from generation to generation.  This is only part of the revelation The Lord has revealed to me concerning Gateway at this time.

Praise be to our God, I am continuing to pursue The Lord for more revelation of Him, and what He has shown me, may The Lord bless you and keep you.

Giants   via Cindy Kitchener – May 14, 2014

I know your need and I know the need of the Church.  I will supply all the need.  I will give wondrous ideas of things to do to help with the finances of the Church.  I have called the Church out and now I am calling it in.  Into the land in which I have set aside to grow.  Things will not be the same again.  I WILL supply what is needed.  Fear not.  I will make the crooked ways straight.  Watch and see.

My daughter, I will…let there be no mistake, I will.  When the sun sets look up…gold will be falling.

Note: That night when the sun set, there was torrential rain fall which would have poured into this building and in the end, along with past leakage, caused a 2.2 million dollar building to be reduced to a 1.2 - 1.5 million dollar building.

2nd Time for this Word…Zechariah 2, 3 & 4     via Cindy Kitchener – May 28, 2014

Pastor Phil and Pastor Karen, I received this Word again this morning and feel to pass it on to you two.  I feel it speaks to our move and more…to me it touches many different areas that we are going through, and things we have spoken about.  I see the 7 lampstands as two things: Our Table Women, and the Pastoral Care Team

Zechariah 2 - Living Bible (TLB)

1  When I looked around me again, I saw a man carrying a yardstick in his hand.

2  “Where are you going?”  I asked.  “To measure Jerusalem,” he said.  “I want to see whether it is big enough for all the people!”

3  Then the angel who was talking to me went over to meet another angel coming toward him.

4  “Go tell this young man,” said the other angel, “that Jerusalem will some day be so full of people that she won’t have room enough for all!  Many will live outside the city walls, with all their many cattle – and yet they will be safe.

5  For the Lord himself will be a wall of fire protecting them and all Jerusalem; he will be the glory of the city.

6-7  “Come, flee from the land of the north, from Babylon, “says the Lord to all his exiles there, “I scattered you to the winds, but I will bring you back again.  Escape, escape to Zion now!” says the Lord.

8  “The Lord of Glory has sent me against the nations that oppressed you, for he who harms you sticks his finger in Jehovah’s eye!

9  “I will smash then with my fist and their slaves will be their rulers!  Then you will know it was the Lord Almighty who sent me.

10  Sing, Jerusalem, and rejoice!  For I have come to live among you, “says the Lord.

11-12  “At that time many nations will be converted to the Lord, and they too shall by my people; I will live among them all.  Then you will know it was the Lord Almighty who sent me to you.  And Judah shall be the Lord’s inheritance in the Holy Land, for God shall once more choose to bless Jerusalem.

13  “Be silent, all mankind, before the Lord, for he has come to earth from heaven, from his holy home.”

Zechariah 3 - Living Bible (TLB)

1  Then the Angel showed me (in my vision) Joshua the High Priest standing before the Angel of the Lord; and Satan was there too, at the Angel’s right hand, accusing Joshua of many things.

2  And the Lord said to Satan, “I reject your accusations, Satan; yes, I, the Lord, for I have decided to be merciful to Jerusalem – I rebuke you.  I have decreed mercy to Joshua and his nation’ they are like a burning stick pulled out of the fire.”

3  Joshua’s clothing was filthy as he stood before the Angel of the Lord.

4  Then the Angel said to the others standing there, “Remove his filthy clothing.”  And turning to Joshua he said, "See, I have taken away your sins, and now I am giving you these fine new clothes.”

5-6  Then I said, “Please, could he also have a clean turban on his head?”  So they gave him one.  Then the Angel of the Lord spoke very solemnly to Joshua and said,

7  “The Lord Almighty declares, “If you will follow the paths I set for you and do all I tell you to, then I will put you in charge of my Temple, to keep it holy; and I will let you walk in and out of my Presence with these angels.

8  Listen to me, O Joshua the High Priest, and all you other priests, you are illustrations of the good things to come.  Don’t you see? – Joshua represents My servant the Branch whom I will send.

9  He will be the Foundation Stone of the Temple that Joshua is standing beside, and I will engrave this inscription on it seven times: I will remove the sins of this land in a single day.

10  And after that, the Lord Almighty declares, “you will all live in peace and prosperity, and each of you will own a home of your own where you can invite your neighbours.”

Zechariah 4 - Living Bible (TLB)

1  Then the angel who had been talking with me woke me, as though I had been asleep.

2  “What do you see now?” he asked.  I answered, “I see a gold lampstand holding seven lamps, and at the top there is a reservoir for the olive oil that feeds the lamps, flowing into them through seven tubes.”

3  And I see two olive trees carved upon the lampstand, one on each side of the reservoir.

4  “What is it, sir?” I asked.  “What does this mean?”

5  “Don’t you really know?” the angel asked.  “No, sir,” I said, “I don’t”

6  Then he said, “This is God’s message to Zerubbabel:  “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit, says the Lord Almighyt – you will succeed because of My Spirit, though you are few and weak.”

7  Therefore no mountain, however high, can stand before Zerubbabel!  For it will flatten out before him!  And Zerubbabel will finish building this Temple with mighty shouts of thanksgiving for God’s mercy, declaring that all was done by grace alone.”

8  Another message that I received from the Lord said:

9  “Zerubbabel laid the foundation of this Temple, and he will complete it.  (Then you will know these messages arefrom God, the Lord Almighty).”

11  Then I asked him about the two olive trees on each side of the lampstand.

12  and about the tow olive branches that emptied oil into gold bowls through two gold tubes.

13  “Don’t you know?” he asked.  “No, sir,” I said.

14  Then he told me.  “They represent the two anointed ones who assist the Lord of all the earth.”

Prophetic Song - Rain Down the Gold - Gold = Favour - via Cindy Kitchener – June, 2014

A Word From The Lord -
via Tony Tomassetti – June 10, 2014

To the house of Gateway,

This is the place, and this is the time of My choosing.  This is the house to where I choose to do as I please, this is My time.  And I will indulge My passion for My people, even in your midst.

I have measured you in times past, I have corrected you and changed your face.  I have seen you on your knees and I have heard your prayers.  And behold, I come to fulfill your dreams that I have placed in your hearts.

I have measured you for a blessing, and now it is time to open the rivers from the heights of heaven, and pour out My Spirit upon all peoples in this place.

The water level is rising in this house and throughout this region.  I have promised many things to Myself for this region and in this town.  My Beloved will know My Presence.  My Beloved will feel a weight of blessing like a wave of water being poured out upon a parched earth.  This is no flash flood, but a dry river bed being filled and flowing again.

Places that knew and lost the previous moves shall know a new refreshing and a continuous flow of blessing.  With this outpouring I require a new stewardship, I require that there shall be no parting of spirit, but a partnership of kingdom minded people.  I require a partnership of fathers throughout the region to produce new work and develop the sons of heaven.  This town, this region shall be a port rate of heaven.  A visual aid to the lost, a house set on high where My Glory shall be visible.

You are a new poem, a craftsmanship of heaven that will overcome the religious spirit and join together as a corporate man.
Many expressions of life, one body in Christ.
Behold, the water level is rising, and the place of healing is rising with it.
Miracles, signs, and wonders, and the raising of the dead to life.
All things are possible in the river of My blessing.

I Am taking the roof off this house.  I will stand in your midst and sing over you.

Worship will increase as Glory descends.  Many people will come to the waters, for I AM the fountain of life in your midst.  I’m taking the roof off, I will not deny, nor withhold.  I will fill this place with blessing.  I will soak these walls, I will soak these walls.  I will no longer deny Myself.  I will indulge Myself in this place.  I will sweep you off your feet.

I will romance My Beloved.

Because a new intimacy is being released, and the longing of My heart for you will be indulged.

The water level is rising, and My passion is rising with it.  I will build My throne in this place.  I will make this My home, I will smile over you, sing over you, say yes to all your longings that I have placed within you.

I give you permission to ask of Me.  I AM with you, and permission is granted.  I am saying yes to your families, to your anointing, to your upgrade, to your children, to your prodigals, to your inheritance, to your marriage, to your promotion, to your finances, to your blessing, to your fulfillment of dreams.

I give you permission to be bold to ask of Me.  To cry out for the waste places.

When I answer you, it is because I am saying yes to My own desires and passion.

Heaven has come down and great joy is released.

This shall be like a day of Israel’s release from captivity.  The deliverance from oppression that you will come out with a high hand of God, and loud praise.

This is a day like when they came out and received the wealth of the wicked, a new economy was birthed over the nation.

This shall be like the rebuilding of the temple where the Presence of God was released and no one could stand.  This will be a day like unto Pentecost where there was a mighty rushing wind and flames of fire, and there was awe and wonder and astonishment.

I am taking the roof off this house.

For there will be an outpouring that is inescapable that changes a city, a country, a day when all oppression will tumble, all walls raised against Me will crumble.

It shall be as Jericho, not a judgment on people, but a dismantling of all the enemy has raised up.

I will tour this region, and pour out springs in the low places and high places.  Down pours will come, basements will be flooded, and the enemy will be flushed out and exposed.

There will be no hiding place for the corrupt and the wicked, because the refreshing will find them out.

And even as I shone My light on a rampaging Saul of Tarsus, so do I make My enemies become My Beloved.

This shall be a place renewed, reformed, and resplendered.

My arms are open wide to gather all into My house.

In this place, the wisdom of heaven will replace the intellect of man.  And I will create over you all things that I long to see.

I’m pleasing Myself, I’m pleasing Myself, I’m pleasing Myself.  This is about Me getting what I want.

Heaven will come down.  My yes is coming to you.  My yes is coming to you.  My yes is here and now.  My yes is here and now, it’s here and now.

This is a time for joy and laughter.  Where tears shall cease, and the broken will be restored, because everything will live where the river flows.

And you will hear Me laughing, and the sound of joy will fill the air.

And the high place will be brought low and low place shall raise up.

Kings shall fall and new kings appear.  My government and authority to rule released in your neighborhood.

There shall be no sound of mourning, no sound of crying, no sound of weeping or wailing.

I will lift up the light of My countenance upon you and you will live under My smile.

In this place of permission, ask Me for the towns, ask Me for the region, ask Me for this country, ask Me for this government, ask Me from the place of dreaming.  Align yourself with My passion so that you designate with My heart.

To all who long for intimacy, you shall be filled.

To those who just want power without Presence, I will not listen to you.  Bow down and make a new alignment with Me, or I shall take what you have built with your own hands and give it to another.

The King has come, all rulers must bow.

I’m taking the roof off, I’m pouring out a blessing that will wash the region clean.

The water level is rising, the water level is rising, the water level is rising.

Now you must learn to live and walk in abundance, you must learn to give and not waste the fullness I bestow.

I’ve measured you for a blessing, so big that you cannot contain it, and must let it flow out.

I have promised Myself many things in this region.  I will indulge Myself.  My passion shall be unchecked.  I come to fulfill the dream of My heart, as I answer the prayers of your heart.

I come to fulfill My passion in this place.

The water level is rising,

The water level is rising,

The water level is rising, says The Lord.

The head is Cut of The Giant - Vision for Gateway Worship Centre  - 
via Dr. Wide Bowers – June 15, 2014

Dr. Wade saw David, in Gateway, cutting off the head of Goliath. He grabed up Goliath's head by his hair and as he did this he grew so tall that in the spirit Dr. Bowers had to go outside and claim up on the roof to see David.  He saw David swinging, above his head, in a circular manner, Goliath's head, and as it went around, it turned into a beacon light calling in all the people to come to the Lord.

(With the head of a man's body gone... The heart and spirit of the man, not the mind, is left to reason with.)  

To the family of Gateway worship center, and to the shepherds of Gateway .

I am sending this word to you that I had received at the beginning of the year of 2014.
I have been in prayer and watching as what I had received from The Lord concerning my brothers and sisters in The Lord at gateway for a little time , and now I believe that I am to share what I have been given from The Lord. Through out the year this far I have seen and heard nothing but a confirming word and the things I've heard being brought into existence before all , and so I hope that you will be blessed with what The Lord has shown me and is speaking through this letter , lord bless you and may his favor go before you , amen.

Many of you are going to wake up and realize you've out grown where you are.
You will feel like a bird in a locked up cage and you didn't feel that way yesterday.
You'll feel desperate to get out and fly to the place that God has prepared for you.
And The Lord will open the door.
You'll suddenly realize that you've be prepared for responsibility , a move to a different location and a different address.
Your clothes must be changed, and your names will change.
Your ready, it time. Even the devil can't stop what is happening , because it's time.
You used to say , I can't. And now all of a sudden your saying , I'm raring to go, I'm ready.
It looked as though things were over for you. And you were sheared like Samson.
You felt like your anointing was gone. But now, you've woke up, you feel something tickling the back of your neck.
It's a fresh growth of hair, your anointing has returned. You thought that the HolySpirit had passed you. But get ready, your most rewarding accomplishments are just around the corner.
Just as Samson's was awaiting him.
The Lord is saying , go ahead, and start rolling up your matts, not an angel is being sent to stir the pool, but Jesus himself is passing by. And you will receive your healing.
Roll that Matt up and get ready to walk , you've got better things to do, then to lie helplessly by the pool for the rest of your life.
You've got things to do, places to go, things to say, your healing will be both in mind and in body.
The Lord Jesus is passing by, The Lord says , in this year you'll forget what it feels like to cry, your crying will be turned to laughter, your laughter will be so deep and so long that it will be like a release valve on the inside of you . You will not believe that just that morning you were crying, and lonely and in despair.but within the same day , he turned your morning into dancing.
Elijah is passing by, he's going to throw his mantle around you.
While you were plowing with the twelve oxen
Your going to burn your plows, your going to leave your secular work, your going to slay the oxen, your going to pack up .
And you will finally begin your odessy in the ministry God promised you years ago.

There's a mighty rumbling, God's angels bringing freedom to the captives.
Their swords are drawen and their banners are flying.
Your enemies that have tormented you are get nervous, they are losing their influence over you now, and confusion has already set in.
They are scattering , and already their becoming like loose soil, where once they held you like concrete.
Your enemies will leave bounty and spoils that you will gather from the battle, and not one shot will be fired.
This is a battle that The Lord himself says , he will fight. Your enemy will scatter at the sound of The Lord of host.
This will be a sudden thing, again I say, this will be a sudden thing.
The investment that you have made to someone very close to you, The Lord says , will not be in vain.
Those years of investment , prayer, and interceding , The Lord is already at work.

The Lord says , go ahead and now rejoice , it's as good as done , you will sign your name to paper, that will unlock your future , a simple signature will be the key that will unlock many locks. It will be like a chain reaction.