Gateway Legacy Words


Word from the Lord - March 15, 2000

The houses of this town have becoming wailing walls. I hear the cry of the destitute, the wayfarer, the prodigal. Their lament tares at the soul.

Who will tell them, who will help them, who will tell them and bring them to me? Will my church wake up and see the need and see the need around outside the walls? Yes pray them into the kingdom, but go where they are. Tell them I love them, they are precious to me. So many gems yet unpolished waiting to be found. Seek them as you would gold. Wash them, feed them, nature them for they are precious.

May have lost their way and need guidance, a helping hand, a word of encouragement. Do this for me and great will be the reward.

- Your loving Master.


Vision – via Tony Tomassetti - May 31, 2011

 Tuning fork in Pastor Phil’s hand – he tapped it

All of a sudden sound got louder and louder

People were holding their ears

You are My tuning fork, says the Lord. I have been putting in you both a burning desire of the things of Me. My reflection is in you and will be manifested through you to all people.

You are the tip of My sword, says the Lord. My seal is upon you. For just as the tuning fork has two prongs, for I have done to you and Karen, says the Lord.

I will use you mightily as you both walk in obedience before Me. You are a part of My beginning.

Great things I am going to do with you, says the Lord, because of your desire to obey My voice. My fire is in you. My Light is in you. The light of my fire is in you. Remember what I have said to you. You know you are My beginning, says the Lord.


via Karen Tomassetti – February 13, 2012

I will break these four walls with a mighty force. My people will flood the town. Then they will flow softly over the rocks of a brook and bring soothing comfort to my people.

via Tony Tomassetti – February 19, 2012

I was watching the Barrie news this morning. And they are talking about how people should be prepared for a flood coming to the region. They are telling people to get sand bags ready. Because they are thinking it’s going to be bigger than what happened up there last year.

When I heard that, what I was doing was looking at that in the spiritual. I believe that we should be prepared because God’s flood of favor and grace is coming in a much more greater way. Like a double out pouring of grace and favor.

I’ve been waiting on The Lord and have been asking him to touch my ears so I can hear His voice more clearly and the Lord is responding to my cry.

I have been listening to him and He has been speaking and said that this year is going to be the year of the double portion. The year of restitution. The year He gives back what Satan has stolen.

He also said that we will see a door. The clouds are going to roll away. And we will know what to do, He said we will see the door. Isaiah 45:1-3; Isaiah 65:11. He said you will see the way to go, but you have to be a door of His Word. We have to believe The Lord.

The Lord is saying we have silos for revival. He also said that there are revival babies being born in this year, and that giving birth to a baby in a gateway.

He also said, that there would be continued shakings, but The Lord is going to release a blessing as well through the shakings.

He also spoke and said we need to pray because there are new super storms coming and there was going to be unusual weather patterns in this year.

The Lord said also, it’s time to stand on watch and that He would have us pray against disasters.

The Lord also said, there is a shifting of mantels, and that He is getting ready to release new mantels on another generation.

He said there are new John the Baptist anointings being poured out. The Lord is releasing mantels to preach on the fear of The Lord and holiness. There’s a new holiness movement coming.

He also said, deliverance is coming in this year. And He said He wants us to manifest it.

There’s a double portion of favor and a double portion of influence. He said if you will listen, if you will take it and say this year the double portion is mine, this year The Lord is giving me a new measure of influence, you have to activate your faith, you have to act on your faith, then The Lord is going to cause you to rise up and be a double portion influencer. Listen, you’re going to go from glory, to glory, to glory. The Lord is going to really pour out His Spirit upon us and upon our sons and daughters.

He also said there is another door that’s going to be opened, the door of hope.

Hosea 2:15

He said to remain in expectation.

The Lord is saying, there will be supernatural hope given this year.

Listen to the Word of The Lord.

This is a new season, this Word is your scent of water, you’ve taken and I am going to bring forth a mighty oak tree, and you’re going to be blessed in your coming in and you going out. You are going to bring forth branches into your life. I am speaking to you today, you’re double blessing is coming. I am sending my wind upon the threshing floor for those who will stand and watch against Satan to try and divide and scatter My Church. Guard your threshing floor, so it would be a place to where sacrifice was made, to break a curse upon the nation, says The Lord.

via Karen Tomassetti – March 28, 2012

We will see revival.

The Lord showed me a theatre spotlight shining on us – it’s up to us – He needs us to share the Word.

This is not a dress rehearsal. This is the Academy Award winning performance.

He says – Keep your spotlight on Me and I will lead you through.

There will be a great outpouring of His Holy Spirit – we must be ready to receive it. When we do He will send ripples of His Spirit throughout the earth – Nation to Nation.

At the end He showed me a large gerber daisy. There was light (extreme love) coming from the center. We were worshipping Him. We could touch Him and smell His fragrance.

Vision - via Jeanette Metler – August 4, 2012

This morning, the Lord has shown me, that His is raising up His voice in us. The Lord is calling us to walk in the prophetic voice and priesthood, that He has put within us and to let the fruit of His anointing to come forth. He has spoken and has said we know His voice as His child (and My children know My voice says the Lord). For I the Lord will teach you of My ways and you will walk in My path, for My word will spring forth from within you. And I will accomplish all I have spoken through you, says the Lord. My water is flowing says the Lord. My water is flowing say the Lord. My waters will spring forth and I would have you to yield your fruit which I have planted in you, what I have planted in you. ?? that you’re fruit will remain. I am calling you to go, share the fruit that I have given you, to those who are hungry, to those who are needy, so they would hunger no more says the Lord. The Lord has been made ready, by those whom I have sent out before you. These planting, has their trees are, for yielding says the Lord. Yield your fruit, so that all who are hungry, may be filled says the Lord. The harvest is ready says the Lord. And as I have spoken, my Word will accomplish its purpose, for this region. My river is flowing. So I have said, says the Lord. For you surrender into me. I will give to you of My Spirit, out of your inner most being shall flow rivers of living waters. Increased vision will bring increased provision.

1 Chr. 9, 17-21 (7) we are His gatekeepers, just as the Levites were

Isaiah 61:6 Priest Hood

Rev. 1:5-6 Worship

Eph. 2:18

Rom. 12:1

1 Peter 2:5

Ps. 1:1-3

Rev. 1:5-6

This is the reason I heard a bell or bells while worshiping at the 36 hrs. of Worship, the Friday night around 13:30 a.m.

Matt. 5:6

John 6:33-35

Isaiah 55:1-2

John 7:37; 38 Pillars

John 4:10:15 River Flowing

Visions - via Jeanette Metler – October 2012

This is the vision of Lord showed me –

I had a powerful vision concerning garments. I saw a large hand and it was coming out of the heavens. The hand was passing out garments. Some of them were gold sparkling garments, others were white sparkling garments and the other garments were in other colors, but they were not sparkling and they were placed in a different group upon an altar like table. When the individuals received the gold and white garments, they were instantly placed upon them, the individuals wearing seemed to sparkle as well. Also, I noticed that the garments were not visible (like clothes), once they were put on, but after that they became a part of the persons who wore them.

The other individuals received the three other colors, which were red, tan and light blue. These individuals also took their garments and it became a part of them as well.

It appeared to me that I was witnessing a transformation of a people and the Lord let me know that the garments I saw were like a covering of His glory upon them and that this was the time when His people would walk in the newness of this hour, that the glory of His Presence would be upon them and they would go forth in this hour and do great exploits.

I knew in my spirit that this was an awesome move of God and these garments represented the significance of His move.

This is what the Lord said in this Vision. The time is short and much shall be accomplished in this hour. I shall prepare My people – cover them and cloth them, so that they may advance and move forward and even those who have not understood what is going on before them – will see clearer and will understand greater what is taking place. As they depend upon Me, rely upon Me, they will understand the assignments that are before them and walk them out according to the power which I have given them. As they perceive My glory they will fully understand the purpose and path that I have prepared for them. They shall move forth in areas, realms and jurisdictions that I have established for this time. They will walk over false doctrines, lies and deceptions of the enemy. They will break forth into new realms of My spirit and they shall not be afraid of the things that will stand before them.

I am bringing them forth as a Royal Priesthood and a kingdom of priests, a Holy Nation that will serve and rule with the understanding of the economy of heaven. That glory which was passed on from the Father to me, and is now placed upon them. Heaven will celebrate the accomplishments of My people that I release to every kindred, every nation and every tongue. They will carry the power, wealth, honor, glory and wisdom and the beauty of Holiness shall be their portion. Says the Lord. John 17:22-23

WORD OF THE LORD - via Tony Tomassetti – August 26, 2012

I am about to visit my people, in ways that will astound them. I am about to release My awe in your lives and manifest myself among you in ways that have not yet known. The level of my glory will even amaze many believers, as well as unbelievers.

I will bring those of you who know Me to a greater level, and multitudes who don’t know Me will also be swept into the Kingdom.

Shake off all spiritual lethargy and prepare your hearts for this spiritual awakening. Throw off anything that would restrain you so that you will not be hindered from receiving all that is available to you. Don’t allow old wineskins to get in the way of receiving new wine that is being distributed. Prepare yourself for the awe that I am about to release.

Listen for My voice. Those who are listening will recognize My voice throughout the daytime as well as during the nighttime. I will speak in visions and dreams to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. Allow Me to abide in you midst, to walk with you and talk with you.

A personal relationship with Me such as Enoch had is achievable. To be led by faith just as Abraham was is possible. To receive revelation as men and women of old received is available.

This is a new season when you will no longer question Me because you will see a greater dimension of My power. You will experience a greater level of miracles, signs and wonders in your midst, My prophets will speak My Words with accuracy and authority to bring change, set free, deliver and as well, release creative miracles.

I will visit you in the secret place. I will visit you as you are worshipping Me in spirit and in truth. I will visit you as you are pressing in through prayer and interceding for others. Your voices have always been heard on high and you will soon know this without a doubt.

Trust Me when you are in the lions den to shut the mouths of the lions. For those of you who have continued to contend through difficult times without wavering and have not fainted in the fires of affliction, you day of breakthrough is right before you. For many of you who have feared death through sickness and terminal illness, you shall live and not die and declare My works as you experience My glory in a new way.

Don’t fear the supernatural realm. Don’t resist My glory and don’t quench My Spirit. Never settle for less than what I am offering. As you allow Me into your lives you will receive a new and fresh outpouring. As you surrender your life you will be amazed at what I will do in and through you.

Submit your life totally to Me, resist the enemy, don’t be moved by what you see in the natural because the days of awe are imminent, says the Lord.


WORD OF THE LORD - via Tony Tomassetti – February 4, 2013

You are under a FLASH FLOOD WARNING says the Lord.

You are about to see a flood, not with water.

But a flood of my goodness.

A flood of opportunity, a flood of healing, a flood of grace says the Lord.

To where it will overwhelm you with My favor.

It will be beyond your expectations, it will put you into overflow.

Get ready, things are being shifted.

You are being brought into a flash flood, and My suddenlies are in it.

I will show you the surpassing greatness of My favor says the Lord.

I will take you beyond your normal boundaries, you will superceed, you will superceed your talent, your experience.

You will be thrusted to a level that you could not have gotten to, on your own.

My flood will not be a drizzle, a little sprinkle.

It’s going to be a flood of FAVOR, a flood of GOODNESS says the Lord.

Will you dare to believe Me for the impossible?

You may have obstacles that look insurmountable, dreams that look unattainable, But when I release a FLOOD, nothing can stop it.


My tidal wave of My GOODNESS, a tsunami of My INCREASE.

I’ll take you to a level that you’ve never been before, says the Lord.

I AM going to do something AWESOME for you.

Remember, you are under a FLASH FLOOD WARNING says the Lord your God



A Word From The Lord - via Tony Tomassetti – March 19, 2014

I tell you, that in this season it is a season of endorsement and entitlement to you

I said in My Word, that when you delight yourself in Me, I will, I will give you the desires of your heart.

This is a coming out time you says The Lord.

This is your season to go out with joy and to be led forth with peace.

Look not to the things you see coming upon the earth.

For there will always be upheaval among the nations of men.

But I have hidden you in My secret place this day says The Lord.

When you put your trust in Me, know that I am fully safeguarding that which you committed to Me. I am safeguarding the souls and I am safeguarding your vision, and I am safeguarding your desires. Trust. Rest. Move forward, expecting the enlargement of your steps which will surely be before you.

The doom and gloomers have seen something says The Lord.

Even as days of darkness.

But am I not the morning spread on the mountain.

Pitch your tent on the leeward side of the problems and contentions of others and I will bring you to the place of My blessing in the midst of turmoil and difficulty.

My joy will give you direction and My peace will bring you forward in My timing.

Men’s timing is always now, but My timing never agrees with the wisdom of this world.

This is your day, says The Lord.

What are you waiting for ? Trust and know that I AM with you. I AM providing necessary correction, provision and instruction to bring you out of restriction, and into the liberty that attends all those who live and move and find their being in My Spirit says The Lord.

More Revelation - via Tony Tomassetti – March 31, 2014

Pastor Phil I am sending this e-mail so you may see something here. Pastor Phil, The Lord has been giving me more revelation to the vision I was put into where you were putting up a tent. As part of the revelation The Lord has been giving me to see is this, when I saw the vision he pointed out to me that there were twelve tent pegs. Each tent peg was connected to a line which was connected to the tent. There were four tent pegs which were at each corner of the tent, on each side of the tent there were three on one side, and three on the other side of the tent. At the back of the tent there was a line that stretched from the tent to the tent peg. Then there was one line in front of the tent that had a tent peg in it, but you were pulling on that one. That line was longer than the rest of the lines.

The understanding that was given to me was this,

The Lord is the tent, and each line is connected to him,

At the ends of each line there was a tent peg which represents a ministry that you have been given authority over by The Lord.

And the line and the tent peg that you have in your hand is the longest line, which means it is more far reaching than the rest, the reason you saw the dip in the top of the tent is this, The Lord has gotten your focus, your attention on him. And what he has placed in your hand will become more far reaching than the rest of the tent pegs. But the other tent pegs are just as important as the one more far reaching, they are all connected to the same power, which is Jesus Christ.

The four tent pegs that are at the four corners of the tent were four foundational ministries. As to what ones they are, you would know.

The reason you are pulling on the longest line now is because this is the one that you are learning will circle the earth and when it is finished The Lord will place the tent peg wherever He desires. This tent peg will touch in places and then move on to the next, in other words, The Lord will place the peg, it will accomplish His will there and then move on to the next place and accomplish His will there. There will be no end, because it is eternal and just keeps going and going and going, from generation to generation. This is only part of the revelation The Lord has revealed to me concerning Gateway at this time.

Praise be to our God, I am continuing to pursue The Lord for more revelation of Him, and what He has shown me, may The Lord bless you and keep you.

Word From The Lord - via Cindy Kitchener – March 30. 2014

There is a time coming and it is coming sooner than you think. A time of a great outpouring of My Spirit. It will be a time that you have never seen before, and you will never see again. Get ready, get ready, get ready! I long for those who don’t know Me to know Me. I want to use you. Get ready, get ready, get ready! The great outpouring of My Spirit will change lives. Many, many, many will come. Get ready, get ready, get ready! My Spirit will be poured out like honey, thick. It will go into every crack and crevasse. Every hidden place. Those who don’t know me will run into me and get saved. I want to use you. Get ready, get ready, get ready! It will be a time that you have never seen, and will never see again. People will be coming in by the droves. All those things that seem so important now will become small when My Spirit is poured out and the lost come in. Get ready, get ready, get ready!

I long for those who don’t know me to know me. Those who don’t know me will run into me and get saved.

The Rain is Coming. Hear the Sound of the Rain - via Tony Tomassetti – June 2, 2014

The rain is coming. Hear the sound of the rain, the wind blows and My shower will fall upon the heart to receive, get ready, for it is near, for the flood will rage, and fill every crevasse. The land will flourish, My peace like a river shall flood the soul. All thing shall be washed away, say The Lord.

The Rain is Coming. Hear the Sound of the Rain – Part 2 - via Tony Tomassetti – June 3, 2014

Revelation given this morning from The Lord,

When I was given a vision of the twelve baskets a little while ago, and saw all twelve baskets in a row, there was one basket that was moved forward in the vision. In the vision, the basket had no hand touch it to move it forward, it looked like it was either blown forward or moved by an unseen hand. That basket was full. After hearing the message this morning from the Sunday night message, I believe that, that vision of the basket moved forward was Gateway’s basket and all the names that everybody put in the basket, is that basket.

A Word From The Lord - via Tony Tomassetti – June 10, 2014

To the house of Gateway,

This is the place, and this is the time of My choosing. This is the house to where I choose to do as I please, this is My time. And I will indulge My passion for My people, even in your midst.

I have measured you in times past, I have corrected you and changed your face. I have seen you on your knees and I have heard your prayers. And behold, I come to fulfill your dreams that I have placed in your hearts.

I have measured you for a blessing, and now it is time to open the rivers from the heights of heaven, and pour out My Spirit upon all peoples in this place.

The water level is rising in this house and throughout this region. I have promised many things to Myself for this region and in this town. My Beloved will know My Presence. My Beloved will feel a weight of blessing like a wave of water being poured out upon a parched earth. This is no flash flood, but a dry river bed being filled and flowing again.

Places that knew and lost the previous moves shall know a new refreshing and a continuous flow of blessing. With this outpouring I require a new stewardship, I require that there shall be no parting of spirit, but a partnership of kingdom minded people. I require a partnership of fathers throughout the region to produce new work and develop the sons of heaven. This town, this region shall be a port rate of heaven. A visual aid to the lost, a house set on high where My Glory shall be visible.

You are a new poem, a craftsmanship of heaven that will overcome the religious spirit and join together as a corporate man.

Many expressions of life, one body in Christ.

Behold, the water level is rising, and the place of healing is rising with it.

Miracles, signs, and wonders, and the raising of the dead to life.

All things are possible in the river of My blessing.

I Am taking the roof off this house. I will stand in your midst and sing over you.

Worship will increase as Glory descends. Many people will come to the waters, for I AM the fountain of life in your midst. I’m taking the roof off, I will not deny, nor withhold. I will fill this place with blessing. I will soak these walls, I will soak these walls. I will no longer deny Myself. I will indulge Myself in this place. I will sweep you off your feet.

I will romance My Beloved.

Because a new intimacy is being released, and the longing of My heart for you will be indulged.

The water level is rising, and My passion is rising with it. I will build My throne in this place. I will make this My home, I will smile over you, sing over you, say yes to all your longings that I have placed within you.

I give you permission to ask of Me. I AM with you, and permission is granted. I am saying yes to your families, to your anointing, to your upgrade, to your children, to your prodigals, to your inheritance, to your marriage, to your promotion, to your finances, to your blessing, to your fulfillment of dreams.

I give you permission to be bold to ask of Me. To cry out for the waste places.

When I answer you, it is because I am saying yes to My own desires and passion.

Heaven has come down and great joy is released.

This shall be like a day of Israel’s release from captivity. The deliverance from oppression that you will come out with a high hand of God, and loud praise.

This is a day like when they came out and received the wealth of the wicked, a new economy was birthed over the nation.

This shall be like the rebuilding of the temple where the Presence of God was released and no one could stand. This will be a day like unto Pentecost where there was a mighty rushing wind and flames of fire, and there was awe and wonder and astonishment.

I am taking the roof off this house.

For there will be an outpouring that is inescapable that changes a city, a country, a day when all oppression will tumble, all walls raised against Me will crumble.

It shall be as Jericho, not a judgment on people, but a dismantling of all the enemy has raised up.

I will tour this region, and pour out springs in the low places and high places. Down pours will come, basements will be flooded, and the enemy will be flushed out and exposed.

There will be no hiding place for the corrupt and the wicked, because the refreshing will find them out.

And even as I shone My light on a rampaging Saul of Tarsus, so do I make My enemies become My Beloved.

This shall be a place renewed, reformed, and resplendered.

My arms are open wide to gather all into My house.

In this place, the wisdom of heaven will replace the intellect of man. And I will create over you all things that I long to see.

I’m pleasing Myself, I’m pleasing Myself, I’m pleasing Myself. This is about Me getting what I want.

Heaven will come down. My yes is coming to you. My yes is coming to you. My yes is here and now. My yes is here and now, it’s here and now.

This is a time for joy and laughter. Where tears shall cease, and the broken will be restored, because everything will live where the river flows.

And you will hear Me laughing, and the sound of joy will fill the air.

And the high place will be brought low and low place shall raise up.

Kings shall fall and new kings appear. My government and authority to rule released in your neighborhood.

There shall be no sound of mourning, no sound of crying, no sound of weeping or wailing.

I will lift up the light of My countenance upon you and you will live under My smile.

In this place of permission, ask Me for the towns, ask Me for the region, ask Me for this country, ask Me for this government, ask Me from the place of dreaming. Align yourself with My passion so that you designate with My heart.

To all who long for intimacy, you shall be filled.

To those who just want power without Presence, I will not listen to you. Bow down and make a new alignment with Me, or I shall take what you have built with your own hands and give it to another.

The King has come, all rulers must bow.

I’m taking the roof off, I’m pouring out a blessing that will wash the region clean.

The water level is rising, the water level is rising, the water level is rising.

Now you must learn to live and walk in abundance, you must learn to give and not waste the fullness I bestow.

I’ve measured you for a blessing, so big that you cannot contain it, and must let it flow out.

I have promised Myself many things in this region. I will indulge Myself. My passion shall be unchecked. I come to fulfill the dream of My heart, as I answer the prayers of your heart.

I come to fulfill My passion in this place.

The water level is rising,

The water level is rising,

The water level is rising, says The Lord.

Just Looking for Another Point of View

via Tony Tomassetti – June 20, 2014

This is a Word that was spoken to me that I heard The Lord speak –

Let light be visual word, prepare for the supernatural. Take warning and hope.

Revelation for fulfilled promises and the end of all things.

Isaiah 13:6-9. I’ve searched the Word, and I was shown this,

Revelation 6:15-17.

What had happened to me before as I was given this open vision. It was very early morning, around 2 – 2:30 a.m. I had awakened to notice a man at the end of the bed. It scared me because of his presence. He had walked over to my bedroom window and pointed out the window. When I looked at what he was pointing at. What was seen was a thick dark cloud coming, and as it was coming there was a sound from heaven, it was such a loud clap of thunder, it was so deafening that it pierced the ears of all mankind. It pierced your very being when I heard it. It was so deafening, then the sky rolled back like a scroll.

Then The Lord spoke and said,

I charge you now, to warn all mankind. I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming, I’m coming. Whether they believe you or not, give them warning from you. Whether they receive you or not, give them warning from you. For the day of The Lord is at hand.

We don’t have much time. I’m saying, we don’t have much time.

VISION - via Tony Tomassetti – June 24, 2014

The Lord showed him two shafts of light that were two tall angels.

One angel was taking the hinges off of the two front doors at the Church. He took then off and set them off to the side.

The other angel was carrying something under his arm and when the doors were off he rolled it out and it was a long carpet that went down the stairs and into the road. It was royal blue and shimmering. The sound that came with it was like running water (or wind going through the trees.)

Both angels bowed on each side of the doorway and yelled Glory, Glory, Glory, Glory – over and over.

Awaken - via Tony Tomassetti – July 13, 2014


Don't give up, be forewarned of the danger, of not building your homes on the foundation of My Word. Be forewarned of the danger of getting to busy with life's problems and falling away, be forewarned of the danger of following the popular culture, be forewarned of neglecting your spiritual life, be forewarned, says The Lord.

I am shifting your focus, you are but a remnant who are willing, because of your zeal for Me, and have stood strong.

I say, stay strong, in your obedience to My Word. I will not forget your labour of love for Me.

This is the time, not to relax your grasp, this is the time to stand up and to come out of your caves and to declare with clarity of your stand for Me says The Lord.

Isaiah 62:6,7 attention, take your place.

Prophetic Words during Morning Service – February 16, 2014 - via Cindy Kitchener

I say unto you My children, run to Me.  I have a love that the world cannot counterfeit.  There is none like Me.  Run to Me.  My arms are wide open and I am ready to receive you.  You think that I do not love you, but I do love you.  You cannot feel this because of the worlds counterfeit is trying to move you.  But I want to woo you.  I love you.  Run to Me my children.  Times are hard I know, but I am with you.  I am with you.   Reach up to Me.  Call out to Me.  I am with you.  I love you so much My heart breaks for you.

via Cindy Kitchener - February 23, 2014

I say to you take your flesh and stomp it on the ground, all the things that are not of Me, and let arise up in you My Presence, My Spirit in you.  Stomp the flesh in your life right now.  Thus says the Lord.

Pastor Phil then explained what the flesh means.

Pastor Edwin then spoke further about what we were hearing in the Word from God received addressing once again what flesh means.  He also addressed the heart intentions of taking communion and the importance of believing right when it comes to examining what our heart intentions are to be when we are partaking of communion.  He then led communion.

Prophetic Word during Morning Service – March 2, 2014

via Doris Shea, speaking in tongues; Cindy Kitchener gave interpretation

I am opening ears and I say to you, will you listen.  My Spirit is calling you, calling you closer, calling you to walk closer and closer with Me.  I am calling you to make better choices.  I am calling you unto Me.  I am going to put truth in your hearts.  I am going to put My Word in your hearts.  I have given it to you.  I have given you the manual.  You need to open it; everything you need to know is there.  I am opening your ears, please listen.  I am calling even now.

(Doris spoke again in tongues and Cindy interpreted)

Even though you may not think you are worthy, I am still calling you.  These things that the world presents in front of you, is not truth.  I am calling a people that will stand for My truth, a people that will line up with My Word, for I do not sway turning to the left or to the right of My Word.  I am calling you.  Open your ears, for I have opened them in the spirit.  My Spirit is calling unto you.  Do not let this time pass you by.  I desire you, that you be with Me in all ways.  Put aside those things of the world.  I want you. Great things are going to be happening.  Wondrous things.  Things that you have never seen before.  Do not get washed away by the false wave that throws you up onto the shore, but instead wait for My wave.  It is going to just flow and it is going to come over everything around you and you are going to have to stand, to stand in My Word.  Without My Word you will not be able to stand.  Listen as I am calling. Do not close your ears.  I am calling.  I need you.  I am calling.

Prophetic Words during Morning Service – March 9, 2014 - via Cindy Kitchener

I say to you, that I am going to revive hearts today.  I am going to blow life upon you today.  I say to you wait for Me today and you will see and you will feel that I am blowing life unto you.  There will be a revival in your hearts today.  It could be small it could be large, but I am going to do it to everyone today.  As I blow life upon you, you will recognize Me in My Presence.  You will recognize My Spirit upon you.  I blow upon you this morning for a purpose and a reason, and if you only ask Me I will tell you why.

Why Lord, Why?

It will be different for each one of you.  I will do a personal thing today.  Some of you have cried out to Me.  Why has my heart not been revived?  Why do I feel that I am asleep?  Where are you God in My life?  I say unto you, that I have always been there.  I am there right now.  So I am going to blow upon you this morning.  You ask Me why and I will tell you why?

(2nd Word received through Cindy)

Why, I will tell you why.  This is for all of you, because there is a mighty work coming to this place.  I am going to be doing a mighty thing, things that you have never seen, and I have chosen you to help usher this in.  I am saying to you all of you, be willing to step into what I have chosen to do, to stand in and lead, for the works I have given you to do in this Church.  There is a mighty work coming, and it is by the wind of My Holy Spirit.  There is a mighty revival coming.  Stand in the anointing, stand in My Word and say to Me yes, coming into agreement.

Yes, Yes, Yes.

I will lead you.  I will use you in this, for I have said to you that I am going to do a mighty work through you all.  You think you are small, but I the Lord am big.  I am coming by My Spirit and I am ushering in something that you have never seen before.  You have been given an honor and a privilege for you have been chosen to help usher this in.  So say yes.

Yes, Yes, Yes.  Amen

3rd Prophetic Word during Morning Service – March 9, 2014 - via Pastor Edwin Wile

He referred to Acts 13:2 – "As they worshipped the Lord, God spoke."

The Lord has said something significant to us.  He is breathing on us.  God breathed on us this morning in the Word that He brought to us.  Everyone here is going to receive something, for God has breathed on us.  Amen.  The Lord spoke to my heart and He has told me that He is teaching us to walk with Him.  Pastor Phil has given us today the seven steps in learning to walk with Him.  He has breathed this into us.

Step One:           Submit to God.

Step Two:          Resist the devil.

Step Three:       Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

Step Four:        Cleanse your hands.

Step Five:         Purify your heart.

Step Six:           Start crying for the things that break Gods’ heart.

Step Seven:      Humble yourself before the Lord and He will lift you up.

There is such a combination of things going on here today.  We are all growing in the knowledge of God, experiencing the power of His grace and some of us do not know what is happening.  There has been some dynamic things released here this morning, by the different forms of expression of God’s Word to us; that is going to change our lives.  Amen.  Has not God said this to us, He said that every one of us would receive something from Him this morning.  Accept it, Amen.  We receive and believe what God has breathed on us today.  Hear what God is saying and receive the blessings of this.  God breathed His Word on us and we can be touched by what He has breathed on us.  Receive and believe.  Hallelujah.

4th Prophetic Word during Morning Service – March 9, 2014 -  via Karen Tomassetti

Tonight it is time for battle, for tearing down our strongholds.  Altar call tonight and we are going to wash our hands tonight, that’s what the Lord said to me, it’s time to wash our hands and that was before I heard Pastor Phil’s service this morning.  It is time to wash our hands.  I was speaking in tongues at the back and I believe Cindy brought the interpretation for that.  It is exactly what was in my spirit.  What He also said is that for tonight are fresh flames of My Spirit tonight and that in My Spirit there is freedom for this land, for your land, meaning our land, for our lives – and that shackles will be broken free in our spirits.  Reach out, touch the hem of My garment in faith and love.  There is such overwhelming love that is available to you through My Spirit.  He is encouraging us, challenging us perhaps tonight, to dance and celebrate and to shout from the rooftops, "I am ready, send me for your mighty work."

Tongues and Interpretation – Sunday May 5, 2014 - via Doris Shea

Be My people, take My hand and walk with Me. Though the way may seem dark and weary, I am there with you sayeth the Lord. Put you trust in Me, The One, The One, the I Am. And yea I am with you until the end.

Search My Word, search the Scriptures, for it is there that you will find out for your soul. Do not be afraid, even in times of trouble. For in these last days, sayeth the Lord, for you shall see Me, you shall see miracles. You shall see me work, sayeth the Lord. Look around you, sayeth the Lord. The signs and times are coming and yeah My coming is at the door. Be ready sayeth the Lord for such an hour as this as the Son of man is coming is coming upon you. Be encouraged, sayeth the Lord.

Word From The Lord – Sunday Morning Service, June 15, 2014 - via Cindy Kitchener

You are not alone.

I am there with you.

Even in these times that you feel I have left you. Even in these times that you feel that you are away from Me. I want you to know that My eyes are always on you, and you are not alone. In those hours when you cry to Me; in those hours when you think no one is listening and that I and not there – I am hearing you, you are not alone.

When you need Me, I am there. I am as close as the whisper in My name. You need to know. Some of you think that I have left you. Some of you think that I don’t care; but I want you to know that you are a part of Me, that I love you and that I care for you and I watch over you everday. Not a tear drops from your eyes that I do not see. Not a cry that comes from you heart that I do not hear. I want you to know, now, once and for all, you are not alone.

In the darkness of the night, I am there.

In the brightness of the day, I am there.

When things are going good, I am there.

When things seem to not be going so good, I am there.

I never leave you, I never forsake you.

I always have My eyes upon you.

Reach up to Me, My children, for you are not alone in anything; you are not alone,\.

For I have loved you from the beginning. I have loved you before I even formed you in your mother’s womb. And I will never give up that love for you. You need to know that; that I will never give up My love for you. You are not alone.

Note: In the Prayer Room, before Service, I prayed and asked the Lord to reveal and make known the passionate desire of His heart; what His heart ache’s for – and I believe this Word is part of His answer to that prayerful request. He wants us to know this truth. (Jeanette)

Word From The Lord - via Tony Tomassetti – July 26, 2014

The Lord says, I am giving increased favor. It will be one thing you will be known for. The world is going to see something on you, that makes things happen for you, and they are going to want it. But they can only get it from Me says The Lord.

When they start saying, How are you doing this? Where are you getting all this? And you say, it is the God we serve, it is His favor on our lives, and it makes the God we serve attractive.

Favored people cause things to happen in their lives that will cause the adversary to envy them.

You will be extremely blessed and highly favored, say The Lord. I am endeavoring to bless and favor My people. I will bless you. My favor will be upon you for the rest of your life. I want you to be favor conscious. Let it be your new greeting to you. I want you to be, favor of God minded.

The Father’s favor joins your lives in-separately. My favor comes to you not because of your good behavior, it was My grace from the start to the finish. You had no hand in it.

You are My special treasure. The conclusion is clear, you are where you belong, and you are part of an intimate family.

There are things I have made, and keep ready for those who love Me. There is much more in store for you says The Lord. Are your ready? Are you prepared?

I am bestowing My blessing and My favor on you; not based on your good behavior, not based on what you’ve done, but based entirely on what I did on your behalf.

I say, don’t ever stop celebrating what I’ve already done, but now expect even greater of what is to come says The Lord.

Vision – July 23, 2014 - Eagle flying. Eagle drops VIBRANT colored cross to the earth.

(drawing to include…)

                     < < < <


                     < < < <

The leading army (us) armies being built with droves of people that are coming

A Word from The Lord – Greater Things To Come - via Tony Tomassetti – August 5, 2014

Be in expectation of new things to come.

What I’m about to do next to what I’ve already done, there is no comparison.

What you’ve seen up to now, is just a small token of what I’m about to do in your lives.

I want you to begin to declare that this is the time for the greater, says The Lord.

You have been in a new season, and it’s going to get greater and greater, in every area of your lives.

And a new wave of My Glory is what shall be seen.

You are blessed of The Lord, I shall increase you more and more.

I say, don’t despise small beginnings, though your beginnings were small, yet your latter end shall be greatly increased.

You have entered into the greater. You are going to be glad you didn’t give up.

Your beginnings were so humble, but prosperous will your future be.

There is a reservoir of My goodness that you have not seen says The Lord.

You have entered into a new realm, a new dimension, where even though you have experienced My Goodness, it is nothing compared to about what you are about to step into.

I’m going to teach you how to walk in My Favor.

I want your name to become distinguished, in the fact that there is something on you, that the rest of the world doesn’t know anything about.

I will lead you into My Favor.

I have marked you with My Favor, says The Lord.

Scriptures to confirm The Word –

Isaiah 42:9

Psalm 115:12

Job 8:7

1 Corinthians 2:9-10

Psalm 31:19

A Word from The Lord that I Heard Spoken - via Tony Tomassetti, August 23, 2014

You need to be in agreement.

The power of agreement is one of the most power filled prayers you can pray.

When you stand and declare in agreement, they will happen instantly.

And as you come into agreement, I will stun and shock this world, the regions of hell, and darkness, so they won’t know what’s happened to them.

I’m going to come and show up on the inside of you. And show Who I Am.

For I say, this is not the time for all things to crash and end.

For I am about to take over, for these are the days of the greater Glory, not perilous times.

I will provide for My people.

Stop trying to run away. Stand up, be the Elijah on the earth.

You will walk not in darkness, you will walk in Light, that brings power in your life.

I am with you all the time.

Get ready to laugh, get ready to dance, says The Lord.

For I am setting you up for Revelation. And when the world hears of it, they will run to receive it.

I have hidden you for that reason. Because it shall be a time of shock and awe says The Lord.

They will seek for you, not to come against you, but to ask questions, they will run after you.

They will see the Truth, for they shall see Me through you. For I will show Myself to them.

Get ready for shock and awe, be prepared, for you shall be undone says The Lord.

You are about to be overwhelmed by My Glory.

My Glory will come in waves, in waves of love.

I say, scrape off the darkness and pluck the world out of you, it doesn’t belong in you.

Darkness doesn’t mix with Light. It clouds your light, let you light no shine, let it blast a hole in the darkness in this world.

For the Glory of God is seen upon your very faces, says The Lord.

Wake up, you need to know who you are, you don’t belong to this world, stop giving yourselves to darkness.

You are an example, you don’t even own your own body anymore, because you have accepted Me. It is the temple of My Spirit, says The Lord.

Wake up and clean up. For I say, you can’t put new wine in an old wineskin. So I say, clean your closet, it’s not only the big things that you need to obey, the little things matter right now.

I want you to hear Me even if I whisper.

Fresh water I give to you, in this hour on earth, right now.

From this time on, you will walk on the path I put you on, that your needs may become My responsibility, and your desires have become My pleasure says The Lord.

A Word for 2014 - via Tony Tomassetti – Released, September 5, 2014
To The Family of Gateway Worship Center, And To The Shepherds

I am sending this Word to you that I had received at the beginning of the year of 2014.

I have been in prayer and watching as what I had received from The Lord concerning my brothers and sisters in The Lord at Gateway for a little time, and now I believe that I am to share what I have been given from The Lord. Throughout the year thus far I have seen and heard nothing but a confirming Word, and the things I’ve heard being brought into existence before all, and so I hope that you will be blessed with what The Lord has shown me and is speaking through this letter. The Lord bless you and may His favor go before you, Amen.

Many of you are going to wake up and realize you’ve out grown where you are.

You will feel like a bird in a locked up cage and you didn’t feel that way yesterday.

You’ll feel desperate to get out and fly to the place that God has prepared for you.

And The Lord will open the door.

You’ll suddenly realize that you’ve been prepared for responsibility, a move to a different location and a different address.

Your clothes must be changed, and you names will change.

You’re ready, it is time. Even the devil can’t stop what is happening, because it’s time.

You used to say, I can’t. And now all of a sudden you are saying, I’m raring to go, I’m ready.

It looked as though things were over for you. And you were sheared like Samson.

You felt like your anointing was gone. But now, you’ve woken up, you feel something tickling the back of your neck.

It’s a fresh growth of hair, your anointing has returned. You thought that the Holy Spirit had passed you.

But get ready, your most rewarding accomplishments are just around the corner.

Just as Samson’s was awaiting him.

The Lord is saying, go ahead, and start rolling up you matts, not an angel is being sent to stir the pool, but Jesus himself is passing by. Any you will receive your healing.

Roll that Matt up and get ready to walk, you’ve got better things to do, than to lie helplessly by the pool for the rest of your life.

You’ve got things to do, places to go, things to say, your heling will be both in mind and in body.

The Lord Jesus is passing by, The Lord says, in this year you’ll forget what it feels like to cry, your crying will be turned to laughter, your laughter will be so deep and so long that it will be like a release valve on the inside of you. You will not believe that just that morning you were crying and lonely and in despair, but within the same day, He turned your mourning into dancing.

Elijah is passing by, he’s going to throw his mantle around you.

While you were plowing with the twelve oxen

You are going to burn you plows, you are going to leave your secular work, you are going to slay the oxen, you are going to pack up.

And you will finally begin your odyssey in the ministry God promised you years ago.

There’s a mighty rumbling, God’s angels bringing freedom to the captives.

Their swords are drawn and their banners are flying.

Your enemies that have tormented you are getting nervous, they are losing their influence over you now, and confusion has already set in.

They are scattering, and already they are becoming like loose soil, where once they held you like concrete.

Your enemies will leave bounty and spoils that you will gather from the battle, and not one shot will be fired.

This is a battle that The Lord himself says, He will fight. Your enemy will scatter at the sound of The Lord of Hosts.

This will be a sudden thing, again I say, this will be a sudden thing.

The investment that you have made to someone very close to you, The Lord says, will not be in vain.

Those years of investment, prayer, and interceding, The Lord is already at work.

The Lord says, go ahead and now rejoice, it’s as good as done, you will sign your name to paper, that will unlock your future, a simple signature will be the key that will unlock many locks. It will be like a chain reaction.

Word of The Lord - Wednesday September 17, 2014 – Gateway Prayer Meeting
via Doris Shea – Tongues; Interpretation via Pastor Edwin Wile

The hour is come. Time is passing and My Word is being heard. Listen to My Word sayeth The Lord, for in My Word is the secret that your heart desires. You cry out for power and direction and I say to you that I give you this in My Word. Hear it in your heart and apply it in your life.

For truly, sayeth The Lord, I have said in My Word that I have come that you might have life and that you might have it more abundantly. I would remind you that My Word became flesh in My Son and My Son dwelt amongst you, and you saw the power of My Word manifested through Him.

The time has come, sayeth The Lord, when what I did through My Son, I plan to do through My Church. I am raising up My Church in this hour that My Word might become flesh in your time and the manifestation of My Word and power will be seen by those who believe this in their heart and apply it to their life, sayeth The Lord your God.

A Fresh Word from The Lord - via– Tony Tomassetti, September 27, 2014

A fresh word from The Lord.

The Lord says, I'm going to release a new glory to do several things. You are going to be able to complete what was postponed.
Watch the glory path.
I will send you out because you carry the glory.
The glory will create so much problem for the enemy.
You have had some glory breakthrough , but I say , this is the time for a glory shift in your midst.
It's time for the glory realm to take you into a kingdom expression, that you've never had before.
This is a year of the door, the year of the path. And the only way you will be fulfilled is to experience a glory realm that you've never fully experienced before.
I want to give to you a touch of My glory in your hearts says The Lord.
I am calling for My people to come into a new level of faith.
I will unlock the glory realm.
Don't resist Me.
I will initiate the next glory move. You are in a new glory realm, it’s time, there is a shift in the glory, it's in you. When you move, Jericho will fall says The Lord. A new shift of My glory is at hand says The Lord.

Word of The Lord - Thanksgiving Sunday – October 12, 2014
via Cindy Kitchener – Tongues; Interpretation via Pastor Edwin Wile

…seek My peace. There are those of you that cry that you may find peace in your heart. It seems that you cry much and receive little, but I say to you this morning My people, the secret to finding My peace is to give thanks – to give thanks in all things. For truly sayeth the Lord, I have blessed you with much. I have blessed you with many things, I have given you lots to be thankful for, and to find the peace that you heart cries for, I say to you this morning, give thanks. And in the giving of thanks, peace will come to your heart, peace will dominate your soul, and you will know that the Lord has heard, He has heard your thankfullness and the gratitude and the attitude from your heart. So in everything give thanks, sayeth The Lord your God, that you might find the peace that your heart so desires and I might say, so desperately needs, sayeth the Lord.

A Word from The Lord - Sunday, October 19, 2014 - via Cindy Kitchener

For generations upon generations I have loved My people and I have longed after My people, and I say to You, if you seek Me today, I will seek you and if you run to Me today, I will run to You. I love you My people and I will never forsake you, I will never leave you, for My love is so great that it cannot be measured. From generation to generation, and this does not dis-clude you. My love is large, My love is big, it cannot be measured. I have loved the generations before you, I have loved your father’s before you and I will love your father’s after you. I say seek Me today, for I am seeking you.


April 12th, 2015 The Word of the Lord in the AM service.

Cindy in tongues

Edwin translates: 'said the Lord, but I have heard your worship, I have also heard your cries, and I have heard your prayers. I have heard you when you said that you were going to give up, I heard you when you said "what's the point" but I also hear you this morning when you come and you worship and I say onto you today that it is not the end but its the beginning, its not the time to give up, its the time to look up.

For your redemption is drawing neigh, said the Lord. Your hope is here, your hope is in me. says God and continue to draw neigh unto me in your worship and I shall draw neigh unto you and you will find your greatest expectations fulfilled and beyond sayeth God. For this is not the hour to look back, but this is the hour to allow hope and faith to rise in your spirit so that you may follow in God and rise up in me sayeth God.

Cindy in tongues

Edwin translates: For those that said that I have tried this so many times and I seem to come up with nothing, I say unto you this morning that building my house, building my house is what I am doing. I said in the beginning I will build my house I build it upon the rock and the foundation of who our father is. But I say to you this morning the house is being built and just because you do not understand all the things that are coming together, don't be afraid, do not walk away but I say onto you through the greatest trials comes the greatest triumphs.

Cindy in tongues

Edwin translates: It's not wrong to put your eyes on the triumph, for we always must perceive a goal, and I have set before you a goal, said the lord, that you will achieve and you will go beyond achieving the goal that you see, but the goal that I see if far greater, even greater than you can imagine. So I say to you this morning, that the trials of your faith have brought you to the point of the cross where you can worship me as you have done so this morning, so continue to draw neigh unto me, and I will draw neigh unto you and you shall know the power of your God that resides within your very being. sayeth the Lord