Gateway Miscellaneous Words

After – Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting - via Karen Tomassetti – September 25, 2013

I would say to you…

It is not by might or power, but by My Spirit. This is a time of preparation. Be not amazed at what I am going to do among you, through you, with you, in your prayers – in your community / town / leaders / youth. Revival as never seen before – a breaker anointing.

You will be empowered to heal, mend the broken hearted, through prayer. Be always in My Spirit. Be obedient. Lay your burdens down. Repent! Be clean. Come before My throne clean.

Before - "Break Free from Addictions" Day - via Karen Tomassetti - October 5, 2013

The prayer baskets are full.

My healing has been released.

There is a river of living water and My Spirit is being spread across the land.

My love never fails, My love never fails.

Before – "Healing Rooms Teaching" - via Karen Tomassetti – October 26, 2013

I saw us as robots – doing the same thing, using the same rules. It is time to break the mold. There is going to be a shifting. Flesh will die to Spirit. There will be a purging among the people coming for prayer.

WORD OF THE LORD  - Tony  Tomassetti - October 28, 2013 

You have endured as good soldiers. You have made Me welcome and have called for the glory of My righteousness. You have hungered; you have thirsted for Me and even My ways, yes even My ways. Many hunger for Me but refuse My ways. Not so with you Gateway. You have touched My heart, for in your love for Me you have made room for Me. For in your love for My ways you have gained My favor.

This has been a year of My favor. The battles shall be won by My favor. You shall win every battle, and in your victory you shall possess the gates of your enemy and this region. I am giving it to you.  Your victory shall bless your hearts and make way for My other children to be liberated. Your victory shall enlarge your borders, and even cause reproduction of all you are in this region.

For this year and the next, is a time that I will open the gates of My Kingdom and release unto you the authority and power of the resurrection, says the Lord.


Worship Evening - via Karen Tomassetti – January 5, 2014

He showed me a sleuce where water was coming down and the gold was collecting at the bottom. (reminded of prophetic re: taking worship down and raising up as gold).


Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

Cindy: And there is no place too high, and there is no place too low, there is no place too wide and there is no place to hide that I will not find you. My love is so big, my heart is seeking, for you. And I will find you wherever you are. There is no hiding place. But you would say to me, "What about those that I love? Can you find them?" And I say to you, I am already seeking them out. They cannot hide. And I would say to you have trust and have faith in my love and in my word that says that my love is so big and so wide, that I am already seeking them out. I hear your prayers all the time and I feel your heart and I know how your heart breaks for the ones that you love and I say that I am already seeking them out.

Edwin: "There was a cry for wine in the streets, all joy is darkened and the mirth of the land is gone." God was looking for them. There are people in the streets that have given up and lost hope. They don't know where to go and so they've given up and the Lord has told us this morning that he is looking for them. He knows where they are and this is what the Lord told me he was going to do when he finds them, "He's going to appoint until them that morn in Zion, he's going to give him beauty for ashes. He's going to give them oil and joy for their mourning, he's going to give them the garment of praise for their spirit of happiness. That they might be called (the children), the trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that He might be satisfied."

April 12th, 2015 - Sunday am service

Cindy: Lord, what would You like to say at the Table this morning?   Fly...Fly High...Mount up with wings like eagles...Isaiah 40:31 But those who wait on the Lord Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary, They shall walk and not faint.

From Tony:

While up at gateway church, at 10:45 I could smell wine. ( new wine ) I ask The Lord to show me a sign on the way up there to confirm his word to me, and he did. I had three hawks or eagles fly across in front of me just out side of Gravenhurst. At 4:30 this morning The Lord spoke his word to me through his word. I was lead to Isaiah 40:31. Cindy came and greeted me,before the serves, and she said, you must be here with a word from The Lord. I said yes, you know, but I don't think she understood fully until I gave testimony to her about how The Lord lead me to his word by way of the very  same scriptures verse. This is a reason why I spoke up about it. It was so Cindy would be encouraged, that she for certain herd  the lords voice correctly. When Cindy was before the table of The Lord, The Lord used her to confirm his word to me. The Lord spoke to me and said to tell Phil to get ready to dance upon the grapes. ( the new wine will be poured out into us and through us. ) In the early part of March 2015. The Lord spoke to me and also said to go to Philip and to speak out that My divine hand is upon him, for what you say will have life in it. For he has settled his affections on things above.  And so... be ready to receive the revelation gifts upon ever heart who is willing to receive, says The Lord. He also said to go and wash your brothers feet, there will be healing given to him through your obedience. This is one of the  main reasons why, when I put my hands upon his feet, that I asked The Lord in the spirit to touch and strengthen his feet for which he is about to walk into, by god's spirit. The Lord also said That  his feet needs to be washed, so he can dance upon the fruit of the new wine that is about to be released from My vineyard. Pastor Edwin was used by The Lord, to confirm his word to me about the divine experience we all went into today. He also spoke and confirmed the word also by saying that the older will serve the younger. This word was also spoken to me last week.  And I was given the revelation to this word instantly , when I received the word. But at this time, it is to remain hidden at this time, because the time is not yet for Phil and myself . It's all in the lords timing. I also shared a word from The Lord to pastor Edwin and Cindy, about the keys, and that The Lord is about to unlock the gifts in us all in a much greater way then we have ever known, ( new wine ). And to  help in confirming this word, is why I could smell wine ever strongly today. I also was reminded about the word given to us back in Aug, 26. 2012. Where The Lord said , don't allow old wineskin to get in the way of receiving  new wine that is being distributed.    That is found in the gateway legacy words from The Lord. And also to confirm the word to my brother, I turned around to grab the pitcher, and noticed that it wasn't a pitcher, it was a wine decanter that was bought. WOW. Hmmm, who says The Lord is not in control of us ? If God be for us, who can be against us. Lord bless you , amen

Old Hymn - Go up and take the land

Go up and take the land
Every place that the sole
Of your foot shall tread upon
That is the land
That is the land
That the father had given to thee
And it’s a good land
It’s a good land
As far as the eye of faith can see


There’ll be singing in the fields
And dancing on the grapes
There’ll be shouting for the joy
Of this land of corn and wine
As the father’s cons we go
Take it from the giant’s hands
And we shall go dancing forth
To reap in harvest time.