Intercessory Prayer – Friday, February 7, 2014

9:03 PM

Doris tongues- interpretation through Pastor Edwin

For years my people, you have looked at the life that I have promised you and for years you have dreamed about the blessings of living in my righteousness. For years the church has wondered - it seems the closer we get the further it goes away from us. But I say to you today that that is not happening. I am drawing nigh unto you as you draw nigh unto Me. As you draw closer to Me, the closer I draw unto you. There is no more chasing, but there is a coming together and you are experiencing this right now at this time. I am raising you up together, says the Lord. The light that I have brought to this world, you are possessing it and as you continue to possess it, you will be seen less of and I will be seen more of.

You asked the question many times before, "what must I do, what must I do?" My Word to you today - you must believe. You must believe what I have told you. You must believe what I have called you to. I have called you to myself that you may be like Me. I have promised you My Spirit. I have promised you the things that heaven holds. I have promised you all the blessings of our Father in Heaven. So I say to you today, believe that you have received these things, believe that you have received these things and use them for My Glory. For the world is waiting to see My Glory.

Take what I have given you and step into faith. Step into faith as if in your own heart this is real. God heals, God delivers, God sets free; Christ in me, this can happen. Believe what I have promised you, believe what I have given you. For the Kingdom of your God must be manifested in order that the people of the world will come to know me - that My life is life eternal. I am using you, says the Lord. I am bringing you together. I have chosen you. I have anointed you. I have filled you with My Spirit and all My blessing. Let the power of almighty God flow through you, says your God.

Friday November 8, 2013

Karen – tongues – Kim interpreted "He is granting the desires of our hearts that He has placed there".

Jaimie – Word for Helen – healing in her hands (was confirmation for Helen).

Helen imparted to those there – released the Salvation of Christ – I (Karen), felt my body straighten, while a ‘test tube’ filled around my spine. Marlene was there on her way to dentist – she received the impartation (peace), before she left.