What is ISOM (International School of Ministry)?

ISOM is:
  • The internationally-recognized name for the International School of Ministry® which is the world’s largest video Bible school with more than 17,000 training sites in 145 nations.
  • A primarily church-based video Bible school covering Associates, Bachelors and Masters level training. Individual students may also participate online.
  • A complete training curriculum, including a facilitator’s guide, workbooks, group discussions, homework assignments and tests.
  • A bilingual program that is available in over 75 languages.
  • ISOM now has edited single-language versions called ISOM Express for English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese and Japanese students. This new version cuts in half the time required to take ISOM lectures.
  • A school where English- and non-English-speaking students can learn side-by-side.
  • A program that respects pastoral leadership and authority.
  • A Bible training curriculum with easy online review and make-up to assist local facilitators.
  • A powerful missions tool.
  • A curriculum that provides an opportunity for every willing person in the Church to be trained for ministry.
  • A professionally-recorded curriculum.
  • A curriculum with well-known teachers, such as Jack Hayford, Reinhard Bonnke, Joyce Meyer, John Bevere and 26 others, that impart life messages, each in their areas of expertise.
  • A cost-effective program that is easy to implement and is extremely affordable for the students.
  • A school where knowledge, character, and spiritual gifts are equally taught.
  • A Bible College where full online students can study at their own pace and are also welcome.
  • A program with no denominational ties.
  • A program through which the power of the Holy Spirit is manifested.

At Gateway,  we teach Trimesters 1 t0 5, and there are usually one or two ISOM classes/Trimesters running at any given time.
Please contact Cindy at cindykitchener@gmail.com, or contact us through this website (contact page), if you have any questions and/or are interested in attendinng classes.

Trimester 1:

  • A1 – Foundations of the faith
  • A2 – Supernatural Living
  • A3 – New Testament Survey
  • A4 – Praise and Worship
  • A5 – Fear of the Lord

Trimester 2:

  • B1 – Power of Prayer
  • B2 – Ministry of Helps
  • B3 – Old Testament Survey
  • B4 – Essence of the Gospel
  • B5 – Jesus, Our Healer Today
  • B6 – Living by Faith

Trimester 3:

  • C1 – Mobilize to Multiply
  • C2 – Church-Based Training
  • C3 – Cell Groups
  • C4 – Power Evangelism
  • C5 – Leader’s Integrity
  • C6 – Leadership Vision
  • C7 – Church Planting
  • C8 – Being Led by the Spirit
  • C9 – Promise Keeper*
  • C10 – Altar Call*

Trimester 4:

  • D1 – Wilderness Mentalities
  • D2 – Developing Leaders
  • D4 – Reconciliation
  • D5 – Personal Evangelism
  • D6 – Spiritual Warfare
  • D8 – Authority & Forgiveness
  • D9 – Spiritual Breakthrough
  • D3 – Cell Group Leaders*

Trimester 5:

  • E1 – Christ Connection
  • E2 – Living to Give
  • E5 – Biblical Eldership
  • E7 – Reaching a New Generation
  • E8 – Managing for Tomorrow
  • E9 – Ministering to Youth

Congrats to all our graduates: