A Word of Knowledge Given to me from The Holy Spirit Concerning Karen
Via Tony Tomassetti – December 1, 2013

Here is the vision, the Word and the scripture references to the Word The Lord gave me to relay to you, concerning you. May He, The Lord bless and prosper you in everything you do. Amen.

A Word of knowledge given to me from the Holy Spirit concerning Karen – Vision,

I saw Karen, she has given birth to a baby.

She brought the baby into the church.

The baby was wrapped in a cloth that was as white as light.

She had the baby in her arms, as she was standing before the people in the Church.

She unwrapped the baby. The baby didn’t cry when she unwrapped him, but what the baby did do was start speaking.

The people could hear the baby but not like Karen could hear the baby, what the baby was speaking was the oracles of God.

When the baby would speak, Karen would relay the same words out that the baby spoke.


You have given birth to a baby.

What has been birthed in you has light.

What you are holding bring to My people.

You have been faithful in listening to My voice.

Many of My people have been struggling to hear My voice.

I am bringing you forward before My people.

As you continue to be in obedience to My voice, I will show you, I will speak to you.

I will show you things that are beyond the veil to proclaim to My people.

That which I have birthed within you I will uphold and by My Spirit back it up, says The Lord.

As I have spoken to you, be not fearful of that which is of My Spirit and light.

You have been given the ear to hear My voice.

My tuning fork has come against your ear.

So that you will hear My voice in a much clearer way.

You are one who I will use to overtake the enemy, and to pull down those things that have been coming against My people in this part of My vineyard, in the authority of My Word in might and power that I now give you in a new and living way.

Receive My infilling, for you are one who’s cup I will fill to overflowing says The Lord.

Confirmation by the Word of The Lord.

Scripture backup –

Titus 3:4-6

Genesis 1:3 2 Corinthians 3:16-18 Romans 15:13

Psalm 27:1 Romans 8:14-17 2 Corinthians 9:14, 15

Psalm 119:105 Psalm 141:3 Philippians 1:9

Isaiah 45:16 Matthew 10:18-20 Colossians 2:7

Matthew 5:14 Psalm 23:5 Psalm 130:7

2 Corinthians 4:6 Proverbs 3:10

Ephesians 5:8 John 15:11

Word for Karen

via Maggie Baratto – October 27, 2013

She told me I had revelatory gifts.

Where others see bareness, I will speak life into being.

Word for Karen

via Pastor Janet Judd – January 16, 2014

I am a fire starter (prophetic voice) – I start, train-up, let go and then fan the flames when necessary. Warfare is part of this.

Exodus 23:24 (strategy for deliverance)


Saturday, September 7, 2019

I am a God of divine order. I have set things in order when I created all things. I have put everything in its place and when I put those things in their place, they are there for Me to use when the time is required, says the Lord. I knew you all when I created the foundations of this earth. I have raised you up for such a time as this. You are where I have put you. You are not where you are because this is something you wanted to do. You have always been here, says the Lord. Geographically, you may have been other places but spiritually you have always been where I have put you in creation, and now says the Lord, the water of the Holy Spirit is being poured out on you. There are many illustrations of this in My Word, of similar magnitude. The holy spirit falls like water to water the spiritual grass, the spiritual fruit, the spiritual trees and the spiritual plants. You are My plantings and I have planted you strategically and it is about to rain upon you, says the Lord. The rain of My Holy Spirit is about to be poured out on you. Prepare yourself as I lead you through the many experiences that you are going to encounter. Trust Me, says the Lord, that I am with you. I am not sending you; I am leading you. And know you are not travelling geographically; you are travelling spiritually. You are being matured at a very rapid rate. You are going to be raised up as standard bearers. You are going to be raised up as a living Word. You are going to be raised up out of the soil that I have planted you in and you are going to bear the fruit. The plant is wonderful to look at but the fruit is for others. And I am going to pour out the rain of My Holy Spirit upon you and you are going to make the desert blossom like a rose. But there will be more than roses, there will be food, spiritual food for those ones of Mine that do not understand what I am saying to you. But they will understand because you will know what is happening to you and you will be able to share that with them. You are where I have you in creation and you will remain, says the Lord, as the plantings of the Lord by the streams of living water. And your leaves shall reach out over the area in which you are and they will be for the healing of the nations here in this part of my vineyard, says the Lord.