Word - August 28, 2013 via Karen Tomassetti

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

5:31 PM

I am bringing you to something new. There is a forest ahead; you won't know which way to turn. Things will appear dark. You will rely on Me. You will not scatter; you will remain as one. There is much before you. When my Holy Spirit wind blows, the trees will sway and the path will be revealed.

There is a new place that I am building for you; a place so bright you won't know how to contain it. You will be filled to the point where you will have to share it and when you do, says the Lord, I will be there.

You will bring in the harvest that I have set before you. Do not be still; you must continue to move. You must continue in my footsteps. Wherever you tread, my children will follow you.

(On January 14, 2014 He showed us the edge of the forest and said that the trees are not yet parted but we are ready to enter them.)

Vision - via Karen Tomassetti - October 13, 2013

Waterfall with a pencil as the dam.

God moved the dam and water started to flow.

There was fire on top of the water and as it dropped into the pool at the bottom, mist formed (his Holy Spirit). It was thick and overwhelming.

He said, "and so it begins."

"A life in the spirit for those who choose to walk in communion with Me is available; a walk as Elijah walked is available."