Gateway Christian Singles' Ministry

Are you age 30 and up, single, divorced or widowed? Want to meet
with others for a time of Fun, Faith & Fellowship?  If so,
please consider joining us.
Contact Joyce or Nancy for more info.
Joyce Trueman 705.783.6941 or email Nancy Beal at

Dates to be announced here when available.

We'll be doing a Meet & Greet in the Cafe, in the church basement
Come on out, we'll have get-to-know-you games, Christian music,
and coffee & tea will be available through the new Cafe.
Bring a little snack to share, a prayer in your heart
and be prepared to laugh!

Come together in fellowship!
Friday, April 28 at 6 pm.
Our next gathering is at the Old Mill restaurant on Muskoka Road South.
We'll share a supper together and have fellowship.
Cost: Whatever you order.

Dinner Out

Thursday, June 22nd at 6:00 pm
At Boston Pizza
Cost: Whatever you order.

Singles Ministry Games Night
Thursday, July 27th at 6pm
Church basement - Bring a snack to share
Faith, Fun & Fellowship!

If you would like to accept christ into your life and become a child of go, please go to our contact page