at Gatekeepers September 5th,  2019 through Pastor Karen

 The Lord showed me the tops and sides of helmets (similar to Roman Army) lying in the dirt.  Then the helmets rose from the ground and standing behind a small group of people were thousands upon thousands of soldiers in full battle gear.  I asked the Lord what I was seeing and He said that this was His Reformation Army.

His word was that His Reformation Army (spiritually speaking) is available to anyone who will take the lead, whether individually or as a group.  He has been waiting for a people/leaders who will step out and lead reformation.

This spiritual army carries the anointing from past reformation movements – of those who have gone before us.  He is willing to place this anointing on those who will lead.

As He showed a group stepping out, He showed how this spiritual army is protecting them with their shields in a V formation that covers the entire person/people (those in human form) as they move forward.  Things will get messy.  There will be bloodshed.  There will be persecution.  However, these will all be deflected by the shields of the army. 

He said, “Take Notice” - for whoever will step out.

Reformation Definition:   making changes to something with the intention of setting it back on the right path.


Friday, January 24th, 2020
Tongues:  Doris Shea
Interpretation:  Pastor Edwin Wile

You should be expecting things to appear in my Kingdom that I have made you aware of and that I have shown you from time to time.  There should continue to be expectancy within your heart that I will truly answer your prayers and that I will truly show up on time, and that I will truly be there when you need me.

Today, today, I would say to you, prepare your hearts to receive what you expect.

I will be very personal with each of you.  What is it you expect?  What do you want from me, says the Lord?  What are you asking of me, says the Lord, and what do you expect?

Let me caution you to be anxious for nothing.  But I seem to have my hand on the timeline.  Your expectancy is not out of line and its not out of time.  But trust me, says the Lord, at the right time your expectancy will be realized.

Says your God.


MONDAY, March 2nd, 2020
TONGUES:  Doris Shea
INTERPRETATION:  Pastor Edwin Wile

I will remind you this morning that you are no longer slaves; slaves to sin and slaves to yourself.

But you are sons and daughters of the most high God.   I have called you out of Egypt.  I have called you out of darkness.  I am in the process of changing your heart from hearts of stone to hearts of flesh.   I am writing My name; I am writing My laws upon your hearts because out of your heart is going to flow the issues of life.  Life that surrounds you.  Not life that was or life that might be, but life that is.  And I will cause this to flow from you even as you breathe in and out, sayeth the Lord.  My spirit will come upon you and will breathe My life into you and from your heart, says the Lord this morning, will come the issues.  The issues are - many are lost, many are chosen, many are called.  I’m going to use you to call.  I’m going to use you to choose.  I’m going to use you to find.  I’m going to send you on searches.  I’m going to send you to places that you do not want to go.  Talk to me and I will guide you, I will take you there and I will bring you back.  Remember it’s out of your heart that will come the issues of life and there are many who hear your words but they want to hear your heart.  So, I am saying to you this morning My people, that I am anointing you from the heart; that the words that you speak they will be life and they will be light.   And people that are calling Me all the time, calling unto Me, I am going to direct you to them with the words of life and the words of light.  So, prepare yourself to be used of the Lord your God in this hour in Jesus’ precious, precious, precious way  that I might touch those that need healing, those that need deliverance and those that need to be made whole.
Hear the word of the Lord today.


March 27th,  2020 - THROUGH PASTOR KAREN

I call My people to attention in the days set before them.  For I will part the seas and cleanse the land and those who do not know Me will turn to Me in their greatest hour of need.

This is a time of great refreshing for the days ahead will be filled with great increase.  I will increase the number of those needing a guiding hand.  A hand that will show them how to walk in their new found freedom.

No more are you to sit idly by and watch the enemy destroy the land.  Rise up in prayer and in action.  For when I call the trumpeters to attention, I need them to be ready.

For in the caverns you have hidden your treasures.  In the night time you have hidden your sin.  I am exposing it all with My light.

Prepare yourselves for the harvest I will set before you.  Do not return to your old ways.  Heed My warning to you this hour.  A new day is about to dawn and it is My light that will shine through My people who have been called to this place in time.

Do not look beyond your own borders but look to where you have been planted and I will fertilize your soil and speed up your growth.

A time is dawning for My army to rise up.  I am calling My army to rise up.  I am calling My combat warriors to attention.  Prepare your boots for war and harken your ears to My trumpeters.  For they will sound a mighty, thunderous roar and you will respond.

Turn your ears to hear the vibrations in the wind of My Spirit and answer My call.

Be ready.  This is a time of great preparation.  This is a time of angelic visitations.  My messengers bringing news of the battle plan.  Write it down and when the trumpet sounds be ready to go to war.

I am mighty in power and through Me you will conquer the enemy within your souls.  Once conquered you will move out in unity and authority, in My name, says the Lord.



“Rescue the Church”.
“This will be a “year of rescue”.
“Be a life line”.
Matt 3:2   “ Repent, for the Kingdom of heaven is at hand”.
Also this scripture when Jesus sent out the 72
Luke 10:9    And heal the sick there, and say to them, The kingdom of God has come near you.
Then the Lord said  “We are the kingdom….be at hand”


February. 6th, 2021
Re - Horses

(Book review meeting)


Now is the time for My warriors to mount up.  It is time for My warriors to take their position and mount their steeds.  It is time to raise the banner for the trumpet will soon be sounded.  It is time for my prophetic warriors to rise up, to stand tall in their saddles.

I am placing a new back armor on My warriors.  It is time for My Seal and Crest to placed on your breastplates.  It is time for your swords to be etched with My instructions.  It is time for your shields to be raised for battle.  (The Lord also showed plates for our legs – on the shins – with spikes – although He did not speak this out.)

The time of preparation is coming to a close.  If you are not ready you will be left behind.  It is time to calm the hooves of the horses and time to form behind those I have established to lead.

The time is now, for the calmness of My presence is coming.  A time of infilling of My Holy Spirit, a time of impartation, a time of increased knowledge, a time of intimacy with Me, and a time of fertilization is upon you. 

I need you to mount your horses.  It is time to make your commitment. 

The infilling of My Holy Spirit that is coming has not yet been experienced by My people.

Once the formation of My Army is in place, you will move forward.  Not long into your journey, I have prepared a place of dismount.  I have prepared a place for My horses to graze and to strengthen their bodies for the battle ahead.  During this time, My presence will fall upon you.  This will be a time of great infilling; a new impartation, anointing and revelation will be given to you.

It is time for commitment and release, says your Lord.

Jeremiah 12:1-17 (5)
1 Chronicles 12:32-40
Matthew 25 (ten virgins)
Luke 1 & 2
Acts 2
Ezekiel 15


February 9th, 2021
(Hearing the Voice of God Study)

A baby has been born amongst us, in this Church.  That baby is a ministry.  A revival ministry.

We need to be careful with this new “baby” like a new mother.

You’ve had this baby, I have given you this baby and you will need to talk to Me on how to raise this baby, how to bring this ministry online, how to bring this ministry on stream.

This revival that is coming will be headed up by our mission statement.  Our mission statement is correct – to see people saved, healed, set free, discipled and sent.  This is going to become tangible. 

The baby needs love, discipline, direction and feeding.  You have had the baby, prepare for this to come to pass.  Do not be afraid. 


February 15th, 2021

There is a time of a great awakening in the hearts of those that serve me in Gateway. 

Gifts will be given and many will marvel at what I have given them.  Gifts so wonderful that many will cry with delight to think that their God thought so highly of them.  Many will marvel at what I am calling them to do for Me. 

My children need to wake up to what I am calling them to do for me.  My children need to wake up to what I have already placed within them.  For the giftings I have mentioned before will not come unless they have a heart full of love for Me, their God.  They may have to break off relationships or renew with those they knew well. 

The time is changing.  The climate is getting hot.  Salvation and revival are on the horizon. 

Take heart, for My heart dwells within My house.  Gravenhurst will change.  Prosperity and righteousness are on the horizon.  So, look up, look up for I am coming to cleanse this town to take it out of the hands of Satan and renew a spirit of justice, hope and desire.  I am claiming it for Myself. 

I have only one question.  Are you ready to serve Me as King of glory?  Are you ready to give your all for the Kingdom work I have called each of you to do for Me?  Are you ready My children? 

Look up for I am coming to restore to the brokenhearted all that has been stolen from them.  A new awakening of My Spirit will be revealed.



You (Gateway) are a powerhouse and a power station for My Kingdom’s work.

Do not idle away your time, for the time is short.  So awake and harken to My voice.

Prepare yourselves; cleanse yourselves, as My Spirit is going to move in an extra ordinary way.

So, I say to you My children, take heed for My coming is near.

It is time for My blessing and power to be poured out upon you.  Now is the time of great rejoicing, of good cheer.

It only looks like you are in lockdown.  I'm not in lockdown.  I never have been and never will be. 

Because of your faithfulness you are going to see My faithfulness poured out in this place.

Yes!  You are the gate through which I am going to start the revival in Muskoka.


I am looking for a people who will praise Me, who will give their all, says the Lord.  And I am calling each one today, says the Lord, to come.  To come into my very presence.  I am calling each one today, for whom I have called I have chosen.  For I say to you my people, come.  Come into the joy of the Lord, for My joy is your strength.  I am calling each one separately to come; to come and to give their all for the one who died for you, says the Lord.  So come, come and drink of the living water.  Come and drink.  Come into my presence, says the Lord, for in My presence there is fullness of joy and at my right hand are treasures forevermore.  I am calling each one to come and sit with Me, says the Lord.  Come, says the Lord your God.