Hey there, if you're planning to visit Gateway Worship Centre for the first time, we really want it to be an awesome experience for you.
We hope you'll leave feeling uplifted, energized and have a few new friends!
To help you know what to expect, here's a quick rundown. 
And if you have any other questions or just want to give us a heads up that you're coming, hit us up!
At Gateway, you don't have to worry about dressing fancy or following a strict dress code.
Some people like to dress up, but most of us prefer to keep it casual and wear what we're comfortable in.
Just come as you are, we don't expect anything else!


Our service start time is at 10 am, but we usually have people arriving around  9 am because of fellowship with one another, and to catch up on our week.  
Gateway Worship Centre is incredibly easy to find
460 Muskoka Road South, Gravenhurst
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We are just past the railway crossing, when you see the Shoppers Drug Mart, go to the stop light we are right across from the Gas Bar.
We have parking behind the church and parking beside the church.
Our friendly greeters will meet you at the door and will answer all of your questions about where to go, where the bathrooms are, what programs we offer for children and any other questions you might have.
At Gateway Worship Centre, we've got people of all ages and musical tastes - and that's awesome!
That's why we include a mix of contemporary and traditional songs in our services.
Our main focus is worshiping God through songs that honour and glorify Him, which is what we all have in common.
We use instruments and our voices to worship Him together in a biblical, joyful way.
You're welcome to participate however you feel most comfortable, whether that's standing, clapping, and singing or sitting and reflecting.
So just relax and make yourself at home!
At our Sunday gatherings, we start with an opening prayer, possible updates or changes to the weekly schedule.

We proceed into Communion and enter into singing and worship.

If you feel like giving, you can do it by e-Transfer or drop it in our tithes and offering box.
But don't feel like you have to - we just want you to know what's going on and what events might interest you.
Sometimes, we might take a moment to pray for someone who needs support or is going through a tough time


Our services are Holy Spirit led, we conclude with the Message. 
Every message is covered in searching the Holy Spirit, finding His message, prayer and preparing the message that will result in a challenge or better understanding of what God is doing in our individual lives.


After the service is over, you can stick around; meet and chat with the Gateway family or head out to do whatever you've got planned for the rest of the day.
Before you leave, we hope you have filled out a First Time Visitor card and we recommend introducing yourself to Pastor Phil or Karen - They are always happy to meet with new people who are becoming a part of the Gateway Worship Centre family!